Fluffilos™ are hand crafted with Loving Care in the United States. Fluffilos are a friendly FUN tool that can be used for unlimited activities.

Gotta-Getta Fluffilo™!

If ever you are feeling low, just pick up a Fluffilo! Anytime, anywhere, indoors or outdoors -- grab a pair. Easy to throw, easy to catch, pick up just one -- or get a whole batch! Get 'em as dirty as you dare - then toss 'em in the laundry with your underwear! Play tag, play ball - play anything at ALL - Collect a bazillion for fun-times gazillion! At home, work, school, or play, FUN is just a Fluffilo away!

Fluffilos come in 3 sizes: Mini, Regular & Mondo.

Fluffilos come in a variety of colors and we can customize the color scheme to fit your school or organization!