• What if YOU could make your Physical Education program successful for EVERY student?
  • What if YOU could do so quickly, affordably, and with little effort?
  • What if YOU provided a quality Physical Education or After School Recreation Program that motivated and inspired kids both inside and outside of the classroom while reducing obesity and increasing fitness, FUN, and self?
  • What if YOU STARTED tomorrow?
Now YOU can! Increase motor skills development, increase confidence and self-esteem, increase willingness to participate, and eliminate intimidation from PE forever by playing using Fluffilos as your premiere piece of PE equipment! Fluffilos increase a student's enjoyment and success because they are easy to throw, easy to catch, don't hurt if you get hit, and don't roll away if you miss your catch! Although similar to fleece balls or "fluffballs" see in equipment catalogues, they are NOT the same, nor do they serve the same purpose. Fluffilos are softer and less dense than fleece balls. Small (or unskilled) fingers can grasp them with more success, and with no fear of getting hurt when they miss or get hit in the face.

Fluffilos are fantastic for rainy-day indoor fun, for PE and recreation, as well as for recess! They are 100% machine washable and dryer-safe! Our Fluffilos are guaranteed for 1 year from date of purchase.

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